Wilson Family Funerals, Prepaid funerals

Why Pre-plan A Funeral?

Pre-planning a funeral is a simple and effective way that you can provide for your loved ones, both emotionally and financially. Along with a will, a retirement plan and life insurance, pre-planning a funeral protects you and your loved ones.

Pre-paid funerals

Emotional Benefits

  • A pre-paid funeral gives peace of mind. Its an important life matter that once arranged and paid you don’t have to worry about any more.
  • By pre-planning, loved ones are protected from the unnecessary stress of making decisions at an emotional time.
  • By sharing with your family exactly what you want for your own funeral you are ensuring your service will be as unique as you without any surprises for your family.

Financial Benefits

  • Once paid, there is no more to pay even if the funeral is many years away.
  • The cost of the pre-paid funeral may help with a government pension or an allowance entitlement.
  • A Wilson Family Funerals pre-paid funeral plan is guaranteed. It is a secured investment.
  • You can choose to pay in a one lump sum or in regular instalments.

Our experienced team can provide informed recommendations and guide you through the planning process. It will be our privilege to assist you with choices as to cremation or burial; coffin and casket selections; and cemetery or crematorium locations.